Hello friends,


I am so thrilled that you stopped by to check out my website! Here's a little about me.


I am a devoted wife to my college sweetheart and a home-schooling mother of four children. North Carolina, born and raised, I have always loved the country life, as is evident in my writing style. Okay, maybe I haven't always adored the country, especially when there were chores to do. But, I crave old country livin' now.


I love to sing and bake, and if you happen to stop by my house at just the right time, you'll catch me doing both.


I enjoy hanging out with my family and taking photographs of the many memories.


In between the many dishes to be cleaned and the mountains of laundry to be washed, dried, and folded, I try to find a few hours in each day to write for my novels. To be sure, I cannot devote as much time to my writing as I would like, but I revel in my time alone with the written word.


I love going to church and being a part of God's family. Having been raised in church my whole life, I understand the importance of sharing God's love to others. It is my hope that if you glean anything from my books that it will be how much God loves you and that you can belong to Him today.