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Choose to Stay

Ransomed Rubies Publishers

Annabelle Grey has just been widowed. When she finds out that her aunt, who cooks and cleans for a wealthy rancher, has taken ill, she, and her two sons, fly to North Carolina to help out. After the abuse she suffered at the hands of her late husband, she refuses to believe that there is such a thing as real love. 

Cade Foster has been told all his life, at least since the day his mother left him, that women aren't to be trusted. So, when the beautiful Annabelle shows up on his doorstep to help take care of him and his ranch hands, he makes it clear that he will never marry.

Ginger Stalls, Annabelle's aunt, has three months to make love bloom in the most unlikely places--the hearts of two of the most stubborn people in the world. If she doesn't, her ranch, and her family will fall apart.

Can Cade learn that the right woman can soften even the hardest of hearts? Will Annabelle choose to stay on Flat Rock Ranch after her time is up?

Loved the book, great story and can't wait to read more of her books. I love reading books with a Christian message.

-Amazon Customer Review of 'Hope Renewed'


Amazing! The way this author details the characters and their lives almost seems personal.

Well done! A+

-Amazon Customer Review of 'For Richer or Poorer'

I loved this book! The "texting" element of the story was original and entertaining. I will be reading more from this author!

-Amazon Customer Review of 'Messaged By Mistake'