The Hope Series

Below is a list and summary of my books in the "The Hope" series available to download on Amazon. Browse around. Buy a book or two and leave me a comment to let me know how you liked it! Of course you can find more of my books on the home page.

Hope Renewed

Lightnin'Blue Publications


Annie Alexander had it all. She had married her college sweetheart, settled down in her very own sleepy, little town, and had given him four beautiful children. But, when her husband, of twelve years, decided that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with someone else, Annie's world came to a screeching halt. Now, left alone with four kids to raise, she turns to her huge family for love and support.


After surviving one heartbreak after another, Clay Covington moves his daughter, three brothers and their families from a bustling city in Tennessee, to the quiet peacefulness of a small North Carolina town. Trying to fulfill his life-long dream of owning his own ranch, he threw himself into his work. Not realizing how lonely he has been, when he meets Annie and her family, he is instantly taken with her, as she shows him a whole new side of love and life.

Will Annie and Clay find a renewed hope in a budding, new romance? Or will an old flame shine bright once again, and leave the couple burned? Find out in the first installment of the four part 'Hope' series.

Hope Reborn

Lightnin'Blue Publications

Andrea Walker is a brand new doctor in small town, North Carolina, with a booming medical practice, a huge network of family, and a soft spot in her heart for all of her patients. She also has the love and support of her best friend, and true love, Michael. Although she throws herself into her work, and rarely sees him, she knows that he loves her. But, when he grows tired of eating alone and rearranging dinner reservations to suit her schedule, she may find that her true love needs a little more than just... love.


Andrew Jordan is a police officer and father with no reason, in the world, to take his mind off of his responsibilities. That is, until he meets the intriguing Dr. Walker. Her way with her patients rivals the very best big city doctors, and her home town humor breaks down all of his barriers that he had erected around his heart.

Will Andrea and Andrew be able to conquer insurmountable odds and build a future for themselves? Or, will an untimely death and a heart-wrenching decision, cause the two to go their seperate ways?
Find out in the second book of the Hope Series.

Hope Revived

Lightnin'Blue Publications

After a devastating accident leaves Amy Walker in the hospital, she finds that her heart is more shattered than her body. Even with the support of her huge family, she still finds herself slipping into a dark abyss of pity and self-loathing.


After months of excruciating therapy, she meets Cort, an amazing man with a dark past. His willingness to love and support her, may be exactly what she needs to make it through the rest of her depressing life.


However, her boss, Spencer, is determined that he will not push himself aside this time. Having been in love with Amy for years, he decided that he should finally speak his mind about the new man in Amy's life.


Will Amy choose the safe, predictable man who has always loved her? Or will she decide to give her heart to another man?
Find out in this third book in the "Hope" series.

Hope Restored

Lightnin' Blue Publications


Adelaide Donovan is married to her high school sweetheart, has five children, and owns a successful bakery. her life is about as perfect as she could ask for. But, when her husband becomes ill and finds out he only has a short while to live, her entire world will come crashing down around her.

James Donovan has only a month to live and is determined to find his replacement before God calls him home. He prays for days that God will send a man to him that will vow to take care of Adelaide. When he meets Will Parker, he knows his prayers have been answered.

Will Parker has visited James in the hospital and talked to him so many times that he feels he knows his wife and children. In fact, is it possible that he could actually fall in love with the man's wife without having met her?

Can the two finally find a restored hope of a promising future? Find out in this final book in the 'Hope' series.

The Hope Series

All four novels in one

Ransomed Rubies Publishers

If you have enjoyed any of the 'Hope' series novellas, you may enjoy having them all in one book! If you've never read them, this is a good place to start. Or, if you love them and would like to pass them on, get your copy here!


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I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed writing them!

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