Let Me Introduce You to My Family!

This is a recent

pic of me

with my hubby!

He's an author too!

He's also the pastor of our church and the smartest

man I know!

This was us on our wedding day! That was 19 years ago. (Tell me you don't love those glasses. LOL!)

A couple of years later, we had our first son, Steven.

As you can see, he is too cool for his own good. LOL. He's now 16 years old and about to get his license. Talk about a nervous Momma!

Then, we added my baby, and only girl, Elizabeth.

She's always been a little diva, and she never fails to smile when there's a camera pointed at her. I couldn't be more blessed to have her.

Then, about a year later, we had Benjamin.

Ben is our serious one. He thinks it's his job to be our protector. He's really good at his job. (wink, wink)

About thirteen months later, we were blessed with our baby boy, Matt.

As you can see, he's quite the goofball. He's always singing and dancing around, making

us all laugh.

This is all of us. This was taken a few months ago. Ain't we sweet? LOL.


        Well, that's all of us! Come back again and visit soon!