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An All Indie Bookstore

March 18, 2016

Written By:

As most of you know, I'm an Indie author. This means I don't have a publishing company that pays me for my work. I write it, market it, sell it, or sometimes, give it away. As an author, it's hard to find the time to sit down and write 80,000 words or more and have it make sense. LOL. But, it can be even harder to sell it to a group of people that will like to read it and come back for more.


However, I've found this great little bookstore that loves to sell books from Indie authors. In fact, that's all they sell! So, when Patti Brassard Jefferson, the owner of PJ Boox in Fort Myers, Florida, contacted me, I knew that all my Indie author friends would want to be made aware of this amazing place.


Below are some of the FAQ's about PJ Boox.



 What kind of authors & publishers can submit books for P.J.Boox?


Self-published and Indie authors as well as micro, small press, vanity and subsidy publishers may submit books. Traditionally published large publishing houses and imprints may not!


Do I really get to keep 98% of the sales?



Yep! Authors/publishers receive 98% of the in-store sales. Authors/publishers will receive 80% of any online sales.


How do I get paid?


Authors/Publishers will be paid once a month on any sales and may elect to be paid by Paypal (preferred) or by check ($3 processing fee).


How big is the shelf space and how many books will it hold?


The individual shelves are 15.75 "x 3" and may hold up to 6 individual titles although 2 - 3 makes for the best display.


Can I share shelf space with another author?


Our basic rule is: same author, same genre. Spaces are for single authors, co-authors or compilation/anthology books only. All books on the shelf need to be the same genre so that readers can easily find what they are looking for. Publishers may showcase one author at a time.


Can I have more than one space?


Sure! Authors with large volumes of works may purchase additional shelves but are limited to 2 spaces per genre. Publishers may purchases as many as 4 spaces and are also limited to no more than 2 spaces per genre.


Will P.J. Boox order my books through my distributor?


No. PJ Boox does not order or buy books. Authors and publishers may supply books directly or handle having books shipped from a third party (Createspace or other printer for example).


How many books can I have in inventory?


A total of 10 per shelf. If a book becomes a best seller, we may increase the inventory to keep shelves stocked. Authors & publishers will also provide display copies which will not be sold.


Can I do a reading/signing in the store?


Absolutely! Authors can schedule 1 appearance per 4 month period and publishers can schedule up to 6 per year. There is a set-up fee of $25. Sales will be handled by P.J. Boox and author will receive the same in-store compensation of 98% of any sales.


Where is the store located?


P.J.Boox Bookstore is located in Fort Myers, Florida. It is a retail location in a tropical shopping center next to a Jason's Deli, a bakery/coffee shop, and a large, popular spa/salon. The center itself gets very good foot traffic.



P.J. Boox has also been featured on News-Press.com. If you'd like to read more about this special place, try the link below.



Or, you can visit the P.J.Boox site and have a look around.







Patti Brassard Jefferson,Owner


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