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Frances Hoelsema- An Interview

March 27, 2016

Written By:

When this author agreed to do an interview with me, I took a peek at her book on Amazon. After downloading a sample to my kindle, I couldn't wait to read the rest of it.


Frances Hoelsema is a wife and work-at-home, homeschooling mom of two and has published her very first book. Let's see what she had to say in our interview.


Me: How do you reach your readers? (Social media, giveaways, etc.) And, which has been the most successful?



FH: I've tried various ways of reaching readers. There have been a couple of giveaways, which many people will enter just for the sake of getting something free (I don't blame them!). But to reach readers, those who want to read the book, I would have to say social media or promoting through various websites would be the most successful!


Me: What inspired you to write your first book?


FH: There have been different times throughout my high school/college life that I've wanted to write a story, but just never got to doing it. I figured it was too much work, and that I wouldn't be able to come up with anything to say to make it a whole book. A few years after college, after getting a kindle, I started reading much more, and as I read the stories I got the nudge to write one myself again. This time I went with it and tried. I'd have to say the inspiration came from not only the many books I've read over the years (from a variety of authors/genres), but also from my life experiences. You see, Growing up Neighbors is semi-based on my husband and I! 


Me: Do you have an interesting writing quirk? If so, what is it and how does it help your writing?


FH: I don't think I have anything interesting in regards to my writing. I basically put together an outline, jot down a few key things I absolutely want written, and then go from there. No out of the ordinary quirks!


Me: How many books have you written? Which was your favorite?


FH: Growing Up Neighbors is just my first, BUT book two in my Neighbors series will be out late March, early April. I like that Growing Up Neighbors is based on my life, but this new novel of mine I think I like a tad better. I've definitely grown as a writer between the two novels, and I think my new novel has a sweet message.



Me: Would you be interested in finding an agent or publisher someday?


FH: I have tried reaching out to some agents before with no luck. It would be neat, I think, to have an agent/publisher who could help in getting my book(s) out there, but I also like taking control over my own novels. I'm happy either way. Right now I'm just focused on being an Indie, and that's fine!


Me: What are some of the greatest struggles you've faced to further your writing career?

FH: The biggest struggle for me is finding time to keep writing, as well as the money to promote! Sometimes you need to invest in yourself, and I really don't have a ton of money to do that.


Me: How can readers discover more about you and you work?


FH: If anyone is interested in learning more about me and/or wants to connect with me, they can check out my blog at www.franceshoelsema.wordpress.com, like my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/frances.hoelsema.author and/or follow me on Twitter @FrancesHoelsema



As a home-schooling mom as well, I know how much of a struggle it can be to make time to devote to your writing. Click on any of the links, her book, or her picture above to visit Frances's blog, Amazon page, or order a book and send her some encouragement!


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