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Keith Guernsey

November 10, 2017

Written By:

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with Keith Guernsey. He is a non-fiction writer who specializes in sports and athletic writing. Here is the interview we had, and as you can see, he isn't too much of a talker. Ha ha!


AJ: Tell us a little about yourself.


KG: I am retired after a forty year career in sales and sales management with several fortune 500 companies. I currently live on Lake Lanier with my wife Susan and four-footed son, Harley. I spent a good portion of my youth playing sports, active in both football and hockey. In 1995 I was diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumor (called an Acoustic Neuroma) and underwent a ten hour operation at the world-renowned Brigham and Women's hospital, where it was successfully removed. 


While recovering, I met and married Susan. Together we faced my next challenge. In 1997, my neuroma returned. I was to undergo yet another, more complex, operation which resulted in a complete cure, however side effects of this second, more invasive, procedure caused prolonged inactivity and led to severe weight gain of over 100 lbs.  Today I am very proud of the fact that I have been able to overcome my physical challenges, losing over one hundred and thirty five pounds, and have found the time to write two successful books “Confessions of a Beantown Sports Junkie and “Fathers and Sons-Sports and Life”. I, now, enjoy a more active and rewarding lifestyle at age sixty-five, than I did at twenty five!  My current interests include senior softball, member of the Cresswind Fitness Committee. I have recently been elected to the Board of Directors of ITN Lanier, volunteer as a delivery driver for Meals-On-Wheels, and work as a counselor for veterans who are looking to re-enter the work force.




AJ: How many books have you written?


KG: Two


AJ: In what genre would you classify your works?


KG: Non-fiction



AJ: Do you work from an outline, or do you prefer to see where the story leads you?


KG: From the heart-I let the story take me where it needs to go...



AJ: What are your current projects?   



KG: My third book is entitled "DeShaun Watson; The Making of a Legend"



AJ: Do you enjoy reading, as well? If so, whose books do you read for inspiration?


KG: Patterson/Baldacci



AJ: What is your goal, or mission, as a writer?


KG: To leave a legacy for my grandson



AJ: What do you do to get book reviews?


KG: I follow up with my readers and send them a thank you note with a link to the review page on Amazon



AJ: Is there anything that you’ve found to be particularly challenging in your writing?


KG: Editing



AJ: How can readers discover more about you?


KG: You can find me on:


                                            Smashwords                    Facebook              Twitter




           Click on any of the links above or one of the pictures and find or follow Keith to learn more!

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