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Ewing Ikard II

June 15, 2018

Written By:

Well, it's Friday again! We made it through another week! Yay, us! And, it's also time for another interview with a fellow author! Again, yay, us!


My interview today is with an author who is traditionally published withPCW Global-Publishing Division . As you may know, I enjoy interviewing both traditional and Indie authors because we all face the same challenges, but we can all learn something from everyone.


Ewing Ikard II seems to be a kind-hearted man with a servant's heart for serving in his ministry. Read his interview below to find out why.


AJ: Thank you, Ewing, for joining me today for this interview.


EI: Thank you, Alisha, for the opportunity to do this interview and entrusting my content to your audience. Truly honored and greatly appreciated!!!


AJ: First of all, can you tell us a little about yourself and your background that led you to become a writer.


EI: Well, I love God! I am a husband of 10yrs and a father to 3 beautiful children and I love them dearly. I am active in ministry at my church, The Powerhouse-Chicago, where Archbishop William Hudson III is Pastor, where I served and assisted my Leader for the last 10yrs, and during this ministry I have learned a lot. Serving is something I am extremely passionate about, and serving God’s chosen leaders is my niche. When serving the Leader, the manner that it's done in is vital. For it be done effectively, it has to be done with the heart of a true servant. That is what my book “The Heart of a True Servant” is for; to help the reader know how important is for them not only serve, but serve with a true heart.


AJ: What is your goal, or mission, as a writer?


EI: My purpose, as a writer starting with my first book, “The Heart of a True Servant” is to encourage those who are not actively serving to start and challenge those who actively serving to serve 10x’s Better! To let my target audience know God has set a Leader over you and given him a vision. This vision is huge and is not meant to be carried alone. God has assigned you to your leader. Your talents, gifts, and passions are linked into what is need to help that vision manifest. One thing that is key to this that you will learn from my book that is this: the vision God has given the Leader is so huge that your vision fits inside of it. Which means as you help push the vision assigned to the leader closer to manifestation, yours is getting closer at the same time. But again it takes those who have an authentic heart to serve and make a positive difference.


AJ: Who, or what, inspires your writing?


EI: The Who: My Pastor is the one that inspired my book. See, here’s the thing, potential cannot pull itself out and it cannot manifest without an investment. Serving is such an honor and if you have a great leader, like mine, that's what he will do. He will see the potential God placed in you and begin to pull it out. Now, that pulling may be uncomfortable at times, because he is pulling potential out of you that you did not even know was in there. Then, he invests in you, mentors, trains, corrects, and cheers for you. I’m telling you I thank God for my Pastor.


The What: (To give the short version) I remember a part of a sermon that my pastor was preaching and let me tell you it was an on time word. I was struggling with my finding or understanding my purpose when this Word came. He said, in a sermon, that not everyone is called to be the #1 or the senior leader. Some are called to be the number 2 or the number 3 or so whatever. Because if everyone leaves, then who remains to help carry the vision? That moment I knew what my purpose was.


AJ: What social media outlets have you used to reach your readers? And, which ones have you found to be the most successful?


EI: I use Facebook and Instagram primarily, and Twitter a little bit. Facebook and Instagram for me are the most effective ones. I use Twitter to keep up on the trending topics such as the hashtags to help drive content.


AJ: Do you have any tips on how to get through the dreaded writer’s block?



EI: Find out what's stressing you out and deal with it. Content, material, cannot flow in a crowded mind. And, keep writing, even if you write about what is stressing you out in a journal or something, just keep writing.


AJ: How can readers discover more about you?


EI: Facebook      Instagram    


“The Heart of a True Servant” will be available July 28, 2018. Please stay connected by following me on Social Media.



If you'd be interested in following Ewing on his social sites, click the links above.

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