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Below is a list and summary of  some of my books that are not in any series. But, they are available to download on Amazon. Browse around. Buy a book or two and leave me a comment to let me know how you liked it! Of course you can find more of my books on the home page.

A Chance for Love

Lightnin'Blue Publications



Twins, Kali and Krista Allison, have always shared everything. Well, everything except boys. Each refuses to date a guy that the other has already dated. However, when one of them meets the man of the other one's dreams, they may find themselves breaking their own rules.

Wyatt Miller's blind date is beautiful, smart, funny, and exactly who he's pictured himself with. There's just one problem, he finds himself attracted to her sister. Can he decide which sister he wants. And, if he does, will the other sister have him?

Wes Evans is studying to be a doctor. Technically, he's studying a certain blond beauty. However, when his friend sets him up on a date with her, she's not at all what he expects

Her Hero

Lightnin'Blue Publications

Noah is just trying to take one day at at time. He's lost his wife, he's raising his son alone, and he's just realized that he may be falling for another woman. The problem is... she's already married.

Zoey is great at hiding things. She should be by now. She's been hiding her bruises for most of her married life. Not even her closest friend knows how cruel her husband is. But, when Zoey gets a glimpse of what her life could be without him, she may find the courage to stand up to him. And with a stranger's help, she may even find love again.

When He Wakes

Lightnin'Blue Publications

Sofie Harper has never found much time for love because her fast paced career as a nurse doesn't allow much time for it. However, when she finds herself falling for one of her patients, her life could be turned upside down. He's kind, sweet, and gentle, but there's a huge problem... he has amnesia.

Undercover cop, Cade Cooper, will stop at nothing to bring down the master crime boss in his city. But, when he winds up in the hospital, and falls for a beautiful nurse, he'll stop at nothing to protect her.

Through Her Eyes

Lightnin'Blue Publications

Tessa Long is a vibrant, athletic sixteen year old girl, who has never given much thought about her struggle with diabetes. She's dealt with it most of her life. But, when she learns that the disease has caused infection in her eyes and she will eventually go blind, she begins a journey that will take her far out of her comfort zone. Because of Tessa's anger and resentment towards God, her mother, Maggie, resorts to sending her to a School for the Blind in North Carolina.

Garrett Cooper has worked on the landscaping at the blind school for years, but no one knows it, because he clings to the shadows due to an unfortunate accident that he suffered years ago. Because of his deformity, he never associates with anyone for fear of being cruelly criticized. That is, until an ancient piano brings Tessa into his world.

Chris Tomkins is the school's senior resident. Through an act of God, he was brought to the school at a very early age and has never left. He claims that his world is safe and forgiving, whereas the outside world is the exact opposite. He plans to live and die there, until Tessa helps him to see a new side to the world he has grown so accustomed to.

Can Tessa move past her anger and allow God to move within her? Will Garrett and Chris be able to go beyond the limits of their world, or will the love that two of them share break a heart beyond all repair? Also, will Tessa's mom find the courage and strength to accept a love long forgotten?

Messaged By Mistake

LightninBlue Publications

Cate Crawford has just lost the most important person in her life, her mother. On the day of the funeral, Cate is almost blown away by a fierce tornado. Were it not for her rescuer, she would have died as well. Now, she owes him… big time.

Gage Jackson has everything he's ever worked for. He has his own ranch, a family who loves him, and a thriving business. He has no time for silly things like romance or love.

When an accident causes him to break his cell phone, Cate gives him the one that belonged to her mother. Once he has it activated, the thing seems to have a mind of its own, and its one thought is to see that Gage and Cate come together.


Make Her Mine

Lightnin'Blue Publications

Ian Grant is a spoiled, rich boy living in a man’s body and his parents have had enough of his antics! However, when they ship him away to America to go to college, he decides to exact his revenge. He and his twin brother, Ivan, along with some help from their servant, find the perfect person to help with their wicked scheme, but she may not be as willing to help when she finds out her role.

Roxanne, Roxie, Reagan is only interested in one thing… finishing her degree. But, when she is financially withdrawn, she must find another means of paying for her college. When she is confronted by the Grant brothers with an offer to pay her tuition in exchange for her cooperation in the scheme of the century, she is at a loss as to how to deny them.
The Grant brothers find, in Roxie, the perfect partner to pretend to be Ian’s fiancée, and trick his parents into thinking that he is marrying beneath his station. But, things go terribly awry when their scheme backfires.


Will Ian find the way to make Roxie his? Or will Ivan have better plans of his own in mind?


Choose to Stay

Ransomed Rubies Publishers

Annabelle Grey has just been widowed. When she finds out that her aunt, who cooks and cleans for a wealthy rancher, has taken ill, she, and her two sons, fly to North Carolina to help out. After the abuse she suffered at the hands of her late husband, she refuses to believe that there is such a thing as real love. 

Cade Foster has been told all his life, at least since the day his mother left him, that women aren't to be trusted. So, when the beautiful Annabelle shows up on his doorstep to help take care of him and his ranch hands, he makes it clear that he will never marry.

Ginger Stalls, Annabelle's aunt, has three months to make love bloom in the most unlikely places--the hearts of two of the most stubborn people in the world. If she doesn't, her ranch, and her family will fall apart.

Can Cade learn that the right woman can soften even the hardest of hearts? Will Annabelle choose to stay on Flat Rock Ranch after her time is up?