Through the Ages Series


Below is a list and summary of my books in the "Through the Ages" series available to download on Amazon. Browse around. Buy a book or two and leave me a comment to let me know how you liked it! Of course you can find more of my books on the home page.

The Age of Love

Ransomed Rubies Publishers


Josh Randall’s life is filled with women. He has four daughters, his mother, and an old heifer living on his farm. However, when his girls find a woman hiding in their barn, he realizes that adding one more female to the family is just about all he can handle. The girls decide to make the new woman their sister, but there is one important problem. Josh has realized that he’s fallen in love with her.

Olivia Barrett ran away from her abusive father and traveled through the mountainous forests for a month before ending up in the Randalls’ barn. She doesn’t trust Josh Randall or his brother, but his daughters have taken her under their wings.

With the vast age difference between the two of them, can Josh and Olivia find love? Or, will a past life come back to haunt her and ruin everything?

The Age of Freedom

Ransomed Rubies Publishers

Elizabeth Randall only wants one thing from life: to marry her fiancé and live the rest of her days working their farm. However, her fiancé may have a few things to do before he can tie himself down to live in one place.

As his father's health fails, Barry Cooper decides that he needs to go to work in the steel mines in Ohio before he can marry Elizabeth. Though she's unhappy with his decision, he knows he needs to do it for their future.

Follow the continuing story about all the Randall women from McLeansville, North Carolina, as they face hardship, love, and learn exactly what freedom is.


The Age of Forgiveness

Ransomed Rubies Publishers

In this third novel of the 'Through the Ages' series, follow the continuing stories of Eleanor Randall and her family.


When her fiancé went off to war, Eleanor promised never to forgive the three people who talked him into going. When tragedy strikes, she must decide whether to forgive or lose her one true love.

Neil has been in love with Eleanor since he started working for her family. But, when he is asked to tell her fiancé about the military life, he will be risking any future relationship with her.

Is love worth the risk? Can Eleanor find enough love in her heart to forgive?

The Age of Grace

Ransomed Rubies Publishers

Eleanor and Neil Sullivan will soon begin their happily ever after, but when two very unexpected guests sneak into town, they may find more than they've bargained for.

Elaine Randall has fallen in love with Deputy Sheriff, Elliot Kane, and would love to be happily married to him. However, he hasn't even told her that he loves her! And, when another woman sets her sights on him, will the power of love prevail? Or, will she lose the man she loves?

Elizabeth Randall Cooper is happily married to the man of her dreams, has a precious baby boy, and a secret that she's anxious to share with her family. However, a life-changing tragedy could turn her dream come true into a nightmare.

Evie Randall is ready to leave high school behind and move on to the next phase of her life, especially since her sisters are moving right along without her. But, the new popular girl in school could make her last year of school miserable.

Continue following the Randall daughters, and their stories of love, laughter, loss, and family, in this fourth book of the 'Through the Ages' Series.

The Age of Surrender

Coming 2019